Tech It Up a Notch

Enhancing your business with technology

Technology is the one single people equalizer. With tech, everyone has the same opportunities and the same abilities. And that is why, you cannot keep running your business the way your father’s grandfather ran his business.  Oh, no you can’t. I won’t let you.

In this age, the difference between the thriving business and the floating-along business is “how” you do business. I’m not talking about whether you’re a nice person and you smile at every customer, whether you’re honest and you never take advantage of people, whether your counters are clean and you play soothing music, or whether you have a business model and keep records. I’m talking about how you make the lives of your customers easier.

As a business owner, one of your many concerns should be to make transactions with your business as easy as you can afford to make it. Everything from the first hello to receiving the product or service should be easy. People have a lot of frustrating things to deal with every day (the bank, the network provider, the cable company), your business should not be one of them. No matter the size of your business, technology can help you attract new customers, gain more loyal customers by making them happy to do business with you, and of course, increase revenue. Even if you think your business is already pretty accessible, you should still read to the end. There is always a way to make a system better.

Here are some of the areas you can tech up your business so your customers can better enjoy doing business with you;


With technology, you can make it easy for your customers to communicate with you, whether they want to make a purchase or they want to browse around and find something they like. With a website and an email newsletter, your customers can look through your catalog/portfolio, request a quote, get to know your company goals, and even meet your employee of the month, all without getting up from the couch or leaving work early. To make communication easier, get a good website, and your customers can ask their questions and get quick answers without going through any stress at all. With the right web hosting service such as and an enthusiastic professional web developer (such as myself), this really does not have to cost much. In fact, you may be surprised at just how inexpensive it is. Customer support and care can be so much easier when you work with tech solutions.

Digital Marketing

With technology, you can reach the people in the world who need your product or service. You can use social media to reach so many people while they’re at home or at the park and scrolling. With email marketing, you can get right in their mailboxes and convince them to buy from you. With SEO, you can be right there when they search for your services, making it easier for people to find you, whether they’re looking or not. This is not the type of reach you can get with a sign spinner or brochures at the airport.

Payment and Delivery

So, you think you’re doing great because people can pay for your products via POS machine? Well, it’s not super delicious enough until they can pay without showing up. Automate payment and delivery. People should be able to look through your shop in Texas, place an order, make payment, and have it delivered to their location of choice, from London or even Africa. Automating payments is so easy now, and it is one of the best things that you can do for your business. Don’t just accept checks and cards, make payments clickable, and make deliveries available.

Technology can put you on a level playing ground with the big boys of the industry. Your business can be side by side with big corporations if you maximize technology. You may not have many employees or a huge bank account, but there is so much that your business can gain from technology; you can increase productivity and get all kinds of professionals on a short term basis to bring your projects to life from websites like I am encouraging you now to start looking up ways to upgrade your business with technology. I’m not just encouraging, in fact, imagine I’m following you about and clapping in your face, “You. Have. Got. To. Up. Grade. Your business.” That should help visually.

It does not matter if you operate from your kitchen counter, your business can be so much more with tech. 

What technology solutions are you most interested in for your business? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to give you a hand.

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