Taking Action for The Future

The path to success is to take massive, determined actions. ―Tony Robbins

The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.―Tony Robbins

These have been strange times indeed; it’s as though the whole world chose to go crazy all at once. Terrible things have happened that have hurt us, and these occurrences have solidified my strong beliefs in building up marginalized communities by BUILDING the people in marginalized communities. Right now, we are all taking a knee for the cause, but while we’re doing that, I say that we need to mentally & spiritually STAND UP, brothers and sisters. At the rate in which hate crimes and stereotypical biases are happening, we’re going to have really sore knees soon. What we need to do is stand up; stand up to the racists and the racism, and the disrespect, and the violence, and the lies. Don’t stop the protest; I’m not saying we should, but we have been backed into a corner by people who hold on too strongly to their theories about us. What we need to do is build. FOR ALL PEOPLE.

The future needs to be inclusive of people of every gender, every color etc and we are the ones who have to build that future. Why? The math is simple: John may not be a bully, but if John has never been bullied, then he does not understand why the bullied people are so hurt, and how he can change it. We, the marginalized ones, in our myriad of colors and faiths, we are the ones who understand the problem because we have felt it, we are the ones who can change things, not the bystander. For this reason, we cannot just wait for things to change, we need to start building systems, platforms and legacies that respect and reward us for the things that we know how to do, our skills and talents, and not how we look or the things people say we typically do.

I know I hardly say things in such a serious tone, but this is #theActionAge, people. We have to make change.

We have to succeed, for today’s generation and the next. And to succeed, we need to take definite action; purposefully planned out actions. Build a business, but don’t just do it, plan for its success. Establish the brand, but don’t take it lightly; it has to succeed. In the same way that we are famous for our music and out athletics, it’s time for us to also begin to intentionally create opportunities that enable our people to be recognized for our intellectual skills as well; our technology skills, our business skills, our writing skills, our marketing skills, all the above skills. It’s time for us to build, and we have to do it purposefully as a great way to attain wealth, but also as a cultural rebrand to change the bad press.

Little girls should not just choose to be teachers or nurses anymore because they already know how hard it is to get other jobs when you’re colored and female. Our young man should be able to go ahead and plunge into any industry, knowing that there are companies that will review his resume and not mind that his name is Kwame or Ahmed. The future is happening as you read this, take action to define it the way you want. We have waited for really long to have equal opportunities; while we wait and ask for it, let us also act to create it.

In the coming articles, I will share with you how you can build a great business brand and how you can enhance your existing business with technology, the one equalizer. I will also be sharing the things that I’m doing to create equal opportunities for the people who have never had them. The time for talking is over; we’re on to the phase of action.

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