How to Start and Finish Your Project Without Staff

Working with Freelancers – Shout out to

Fact 1: You can’t do everything.

Fact 2: If you have to wait until you can gather a team of professionals and put them on a monthly salary, you may never get your project off the ground.

Some people have the funds to get their dream projects started. Some people can get loans to start their projects and finish them. some others from the same side of the street as myself have to make do with the available resources, and that is hardly ever a blank check or a startup loan and a handshake.

Working with freelancers can boost your business greatly and cost effectively. For every business, there are dozens of goals and scores of tasks that need to be done to achieve those goals, whether the business is just starting or has already started. At this stage, hiring staff may mean that you have to hire many staff, pay them, provide onboarding packages, and host (digital) office parties where the same staff would get drunk and confess that they hate their jobs. This is why the best way to get projects done is by working with freelancers.

Here’s something you should know about freelancers; their business depends on their reputations, so they have to be nice to you. They give you great service, you give them a great review and pay their fee. It’s a win-win situation. Freelancers are generally happy people, mostly because they don’t have probation, suspension or termination hanging over their heads. Freelancers mostly do only work that they like and think they will enjoy, and the experienced ones know when to turn down projects. So, when a freelancer agrees to work on your project, you can be sure that they intend to give it their 100% and make sure you’re satisfied. Freelancers don’t complain about work hours and uncomfortable environments, because they work whenever and wherever they want to. If you had that, you would be pretty chill too.

Here’s how to start and finish those projects that have been on your mind for years;

  1. Outline the project

Before you start to put anyone to work on a project, you need to outline it clearly. Point out and mark the exact deliverables that you will be needing to get it done. A lot of times, people fall out with the freelancers they hire because they do not think their expectations were met. Meanwhile, it usually turns out that they were not clear about what they wanted. This is why it is important that you thoroughly map out the project. Your project should have a clear timeline. If you do not create a timeline, you just might be “finishing” forever. You need to set a timeline with your outline so you can actually meet your goals and on time too. With a clear outline, you know exactly what you need to hire for, the exact things you need to get done, and how much time it should take.

  1. Select a freelancer

Go to a freelancing site such as, and sign up. When you have done this, search for the services you want, and scour through the list of names and faces until you find that one that clicks; it’s like shopping.

Tip: A large number of reviews does not always mean that the freelancer is the best.

When you have selected a freelancer, send him/her details of the project, and give them the opportunity to clarify any missing links. It is also important that you communicate with your freelancer regularly to ensure that you are on the same page. A good freelancer is like a ninja; no fluff, no buzz, they just get things done, fast and affordably.

With a clear outline, and a good freelancer or freelancers, you can get anything done, you can even form a team of freelancers who can help you get stuff done in short time. Freelancers aim for excellence, so that they can be called back for another job. They are the butter to the bread of a new business.

Whatever you need to do, you can do with freelancers; they are assets to every business and small businesses especially. If you’re ready to check out some freelancers, you can find them here on

What has been stopping you from starting your project? Did this article help?

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