Creating Content for Your Business

Get Out There

 “Create something people want to share.” John Jantsch

Picture this;

Shop 1:

“Hey! I sell stuff. Come. Buy.”

Shop 2:

“Hi! How are you? How are you finding the weather today? Hotter than you expected, right? I know. You must be having trouble remembering all the things you want to buy. That’s why I never go shopping without a list. It saves me a lot of trouble, and a whole lot of money. Without a list, I could need fruits and cereal but leave the store with canned soup and a puppy!”

Which of these shops are you buying from? Definitely the one with all the conversation, unless of course you’re a robot/alien. Everyone wants to feel seen, and heard. Have you ever bought something you didn’t need because you liked the store or the store owner? One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is thinking that all you need to do in marketing is marketing. It’s not enough. The most important part of your marketing plan is content. Without it, you’re just wasting money on ads and design. People want to be spoken with, and not just spoken to. Content is conversation, and you need to start having some.

Why do you need content for your business?

Content helps to build trust.

What helps people, helps business.Leo Burnett

Until you’re saying something to people, you’re still just a business to them. When you start to share content and actually make effort to talk to them, you become a person, or people. The more content you share, the more relatable you become, and the more your target audience trusts you.

Content is the information you create, publish, promote and share with your specific audience. It is the only way that a business can show their target that they care about them. Ok, it’s one of the ways, but it’s very important. Educational content shows them that you know what you’re doing, and engaging content shows that you know them and you would like to hear from them.

The value that you create with content without asking for anything back makes your audience feel that they can trust you with their patronage. The tips, the advice, the inspirational words, the how to’s, the DIY’s, all of these make people feel that they can trust your intentions towards them, and consequently, your product.

Content helps you to capture attention and keep it.

If you’re not saying something, your target audience is not even going to know you’re there. But with content, you are putting out something for them to see. No one walks into a store without a referral or a sample in the window, just because they thought it might be nice. Your business cannot depend on the actions on “chance”.

Creating and publishing good content is like placing samples in the window, it makes people want to come in and take a look. In this case, good content makes your target audience want to click on see more. More importantly, content gives people the sense of a personal connection with you or your business, and it makes them want to come back, even when your product is not-so-great. People want connections, and these emotional connections can move the wallet more than most things can. Of course, this shouldn’t make you sell products that suck.

No matter the kind of business you do, content will help you immensely. Put up quality content on your website, blog, social media and everywhere else, and you will find yourself with loyal customers, the kind that recommends you without being asked to. Create content that teaches and touches; show people that you care about more than just their money, by giving them something they don’t have to pay for. Start now to create relevant content for your business.

What are your problems with content creation? Talk to me about them, and I’ll do my best to help.

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