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I am Shantell Charisma, a wife, a mom, a techpreneur, a consultant, branding coach, design and development professional - business owner.

That one sentence looks like it says everything there is to say but it hardly does, those are simply titles. What makes a WWE champion? The title on the belt? Nope, those are just words. It’s the blows received and the punches thrown back. The ability to withstand and keep winning; it’s the priorities, the legacy, the mission, the work ethic and the results! I’m a techpreneur. I believe the power of technology brings about lasting solutions, and is a catalyst for economic evolution. A way for marginalized communities to access wealth. I’m committed to building a lasting mark in the tech, media, and branding industries. As the Founder of Urrgent Technology, I’ve established a tech brand that promotes inclusion and diversity in these arenas. I believe that anyone who has the skills or desire to learn with a passion to pursue business or technology should be given a fair opportunity. I approach every table ready to give 200%, and if I can’t give 200%, I won’t take that seat. That’s one thing a title can’t tell you. With over 7 years as a brand communicator, designer and developer, I’ve watched businesses grow from concepts to really cool realities. 



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