I am Shantell Charisma, a wife, a mom, a techpreneur, a consultant, branding coach, design and development professional - business owner.

This one sentence looks like it says everything there is to say but it hardly does, because these are titles. What makes a WWE champion? The title on the belt? Nope, those are just words. It’s the blows received and the punches thrown back. The ability to withstand and keep winning; it’s the priorities, the legacy, the mission, the work ethic and the results!

I’m a techpreneur. I believe the power of technology brings about lasting solutions, and is a catalyst for economic evolution. A way for marginalized communities to access wealth.

I’m a B2B consultant. I believe collaborative wisdom increases entrepreneurial confidence and sustains business development.
I’m a coach aka your branding ace. I’ve been in that place where clear direction was the one thing missing, and I’ve seen the difference that firm words with authentic guidance can make in someone’s life or the state of a business.

I’m a designer and developer. I’ve learned that we can be inspired by what we see and experience. When you can communicate visually and build out a user experience, you’ve won over half of the business branding battle.

I’m a motivational speaker. If you can get up on a stage to sing or rap, and manage to lift people’s spirits, you can get anyone moving. I have, and I can. Motivating someone is not only about the words you speak. Two people can say the exact same thing and not create the same effect. Having a background as a singer and lyricist, I’ve learned how to manage stage presence, tone, expression, and volume to encourage people to not only be motivated but also help them take action. Applying this knowledge when speaking has helped me convey purposeful messages right to the hearts of viewers in events, churches, schools, radio shows, YouTube, and other social platforms.

I’m committed to building a lasting mark in the tech, media, and branding industries. As the Founder of Urrgent Technology, I’ve established a tech brand that promotes inclusion and diversity in these arenas. I believe that anyone who has the skills or desire to learn with a passion to pursue business or technology should be given a fair opportunity.

I approach every table ready to give 200%, and if I can’t give 200%, I won’t take that seat. That’s one thing a title can’t tell you. With over 7 years as a brand communicator, designer and web developer, I’ve watched businesses grow from concepts to really cool realities. I’ve humbly facilitated these growths with integrity and remain dedicated to streamlining more solutions for the community to help manifest more entrepreneurial visions.

Shantell Charisma, Your Branding Ace

Who I Am

A dedicated Consultant/Coach/Design and Development professional who loves to partner with good people and businesses to help them achieve online success.

What I Do

I focus on bringing everything I have to the table for my clients. I create custom, functional websites focused on converting your users into customers.

Why I Do This

I love what I do and feel that spirit helps translate into the quality of my work. Working with clients who love their work combines into a fun, wonderful partnership for everyone involved.

"I love what I do and I love helping others succeed at what they love to do."

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